How to delegate with Sidekick?

Learn how to start using Sidekick and save hours every week.


Join an info call

Join an upcoming info call to learn more about our assistants, the Sidekick app, and getting started with remote support. Space is limited to ensure we can answer all of your questions.


Get matched with a Sidekick assistant

Complete a matching survey, and in just a few days we’ll match you with your Sidekick! We match Sidekick’s based on location, task expertise, industry fit, and shared working style preferences.


Get onboarded with your Sidekick

Schedule your onboarding to meet your Sidekick in a Zoom call. Our team will help with tech setup so your assistant has access to all the tools and accounts needed to best support you.


Start delegating work

During onboarding you will delegate your first few tasks or projects to your Sidekick. After that initial meeting, share new requests via the Sidekick app and weekly check-in meetings with your assistant.

“I tried many services and apps to save time and get help on projects. Sidekick is the one I've stuck with the longest. My assistant Anastasia is amazing - the Sidekick apps give me all the visibility I need.”

Kevin H

VP of Engineering at Instacart

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