The tools you need to make delegating tasks easy

The Sidekick app was designed using productivity best practices and original delegation methods derived from our community of seasoned executives and assistants.

Work better together

We believe in empowering people with technology to help everyone do their best work. The Sidekick app was designed for executives to be able to delegate any task quickly and with ease, and for Sidekick to be more efficient and proactive based on their client’s habits. Together, executives and assistants can stay in sync and better support one another.

Context made clear

Say goodbye to endless email threads or hard to search DM conversations. The Sidekick app enables you to communicate with your Sidekickabout specific to-dos you’ve created so they have all the context in one place. Ready to start a new project? Choose from our library of templates to make delegating tasks easier.

Available wherever you work

Whether you want to send your Sidekick a voice note while you’re in the car, share documents from your computer, or delegate a task directly from your Gmail, Sidekick makes it easy. The Sidekick app is currently available on mobile for iOS, on desktop, and through a Chrome extension.

“I tried many services and apps to save time and get help on projects. Sidekick is the one I've stuck with the longest. My assistant Anastasia is amazing - the Sidekick apps give me all the visibility I need.”

Kevin H

VP of Engineering at Instacart

Ready to save time?

Working with Sidekick starts at just $499/month